Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh.My.God. computer graphics

AM Radio passed this along and even though I am sort of on hiatus right now from blogging, who could resist this?

I have not been able to find the source, which really annoys me.

May 12 Update: Thanks to Vlad Bjornson and Torley Linden we have much more information about the creators PLUS another video to feast our eyes on - or squirm, as the case may be. Of course, I'm not at all surprised that Vlad and Torley would appreciate this work. Vlad makes glorious interactive flowers that morph and transform when touched, and many of these colors... they are so very Torley! Thanks so much for your help in tracking these gems down, you two.

The creators of these two vids are 1st Ave Machine:

Per Vlad, you can find an interesting piece by the CGSociety about the first video here.


Vlad Bjornson said...

This was created by 1st Ave Machine:

Amazing combination of RL and CGI. I totally went berserk the first time I saw this. hehe :D The camera shake and lighting really make it all seem so real.

Here's a short blurb about the video:

Bettina Tizzy said...

Vlad, thank you so much for this!

I loved what AM had to say when we spoke about this later... "I wonder what art will be like when such impossible realism can be interactive, as well as the notion that realism, can in fact be a crucial aspect of the range of possible impossibility?

Torley said...

Sweet. If you like that, you'll also like the biomechanical teaser clips that were done for the Transformers movie, and this music video:


Bettina Tizzy said...

Vlad and Torley... I've updated my blogpost about 1st Ave Machine thanks to your helpful contributions. What a vibrant, knowledge-sharing and giving community we have, and you two are MEGA leaders in this regard. Thank you.