Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who made the Garden of NPIRL Delights?

UPDATE (June 24, 2008) - After a spectacular two month run, the Garden of NPIRL Delights - sponsored by Rezzable Productions - has ended. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and to all who enjoyed it.

RightasRain Rimbaud, CEO of Rezzable Productions and me, in the final planning stages for the Garden of NPIRL Delights

Just look at this! Did you ever? And this is just a partial listing...

Aiyas Aya - Aloah Oh - Alpha Auer - Andrek Lowell - Ane Oh - Anti Clip - artoo Magneto - Aurakyo Insoo - Beatrix Newt - Betlog Hax - Bettina Tizzy - Bryn Oh - CameronSabroso Montgolfier - Charlot Dickins - Cheen Pitney - Corporate Jay - Crap Mariner -Darek DeLuca - Darkle Sands - DB Bailey - Desdemona Enfield - Douglas Story - Economic Mip - Eladrienne Laval - Elizabeth Tinsley - Elros Tuominen - Eshi Otawara - Feathers Boa - Flea Bussy - Four Yip - Gaynor Gritzi - Gary Kohime - Gioacchino Laryukov - Glyph Graves - Gore Suntzu - Gorson Trefoil - Gweneth Lange - Izikael Novi - Jamma Newt - Jieux Shepherd - Jolly Jedburgh - Jopsy Pendragon - Kaeli Candour - Kazuhiro Aridian - Kheph777 Enoch - Kirk Smythe - Komuso Tokugawa - Lauren Weyland - Light Waves - LittleToe Bartlett - Lumiere Noir - Madcow Cosmos - Miki Gymnast - Mordechai Laasonen - Nebulosus Severine - Nectere Niven - nonnatus korhonen - Otto Jeffries - Oxoc Oh - Pavig Lok - Poulet Koenkamp - Random Calliope - Ravenelle Zugzwang - RightasRain Rimbaud - Rob Balder - Sandyhya2 Patel - Scarp Godenot - Scotgraymouser Janus - Sean Augustus - Seifert Surface - Snowy Hoobinoo - soror Nishi - Spiral Walcher - Stephen Dastardly - Strawberry Holiday - Tesserian Shostakovich - Tezcatlipoca Bisiani - The Messenger - TheDove Rhodes - Sabine Stonebender - Toko Loon - Tories Canetti - Truthseeker Young - Tuna Oddfellow - Vidal Tripsa - Vint Falken - White Lebeth - Wizard Gynoid - Yeti Bing - Yoa Ogee


Anonymous said...

Yeey! Glad I could be on the team! =)

E said...

woooooow- there's loads of us. :D

Truthseeker Young said...

The Garden's completely mind-blowing! Congrats to all the artists, builders, scripters, etc. and a huge THANK YOU to Bettina & the Rezzable crew!

What a fantastic thing to be a part of :D

earlyadopter said...

Totally mindblowing exhibition-Its really exciting to see-- I hope you will all enjoy a listen to some crazy people from new york bumbling around in this world on Brooklyn is Watching's podcast #10 and thank you thank you thank you to Bettina for letting us in early to see it- I'm going to try to bring anyone who comes by jack the pelican tomorrow to see it.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Thank you, everyone! So many people worked very hard to make this happen, so your positive feedback will mean the world to them.

Earlyadopter (Jay Newt): Thank you for your podcast! What a hoot. So interesting to experience *your* experience along with you. A few comments:

1) There are several ways to visit the Garden:

a) A HUD which you wear that enables you to teleport from one installation to another. It remembers where you have been and takes you to new places. It also provides you with the name of the creator of the installation you are visting.
b) A tour - it lasts about 5 minutes - which is a vehicle you hop on at the entrance of the Garden on the Create sim. This gives you a fantastic overview of the four sims and enables you to better plan your vists.
c) A Landmark-ready notecard - one per sim - that lists the name of the creation and the creator. Pick the creation you want to visit and hit that LM to tp there!
d) Walk along the green paths
e) Fly!

That said, the Particulator you mentioned IS part of the Garden and it was created by Aloah Oh.

Thank you soo very much. Can't wait for you guys to come back next week.

Jordyn Carnell said...

you guys are GREAT! true artists! (not that strippers, dancers, and escorts can't be artists in their own ways ;-))

Looking forward to the opening!