Thursday, May 1, 2008

A little virtual nature + destructible buildings = FUN

A few weeks back, I got all caught up - literally - in the company of dozens of friends, with Tryptofaa Sand's tornado HUD. Everywhere you went, people were invoking tornadoes, and funnel clouds were forming all over the grid. While Real Life tornadoes are never fun, in Second Life®, they're nothing but.

Oh, I know I shouldn't have, and I admit I hid from AM Radio for days afterwards, but I even unleashed one at the Far Away. He forgave me for disturbing the peace there, and I did vow not to do it again, but don't you do it or you might catch hell!

Tornado at the Far Away

Now Trypto has come up with a new version that's loaded with cool stuff, but the feature that captures my imagination is one that allows you to destroy buildings. ^.^

Along with sample buildings, the 'Tornado HUD Destruction Kit' includes instructions and the scripts needed "to set up your own buildings, fences, trees (non Linden), cars and anything else you can think of to be picked up, torn apart and tossed around by your tornado... limited to 40 linked objects at any one time." You can see the tornado in action below (Trypto's Machinima is super well done) or go visit Tornado Island (teleport directly from here).

Second Life: Tornado HUD vs Destructible Buildings from Tryptofaa Sands on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bettina! I hope AM Radio wasn't too annoyed but you did get a great photo from it at least :) You'll have to send me a copy so I don't have to take my own!

Anonymous said...

Ah - that's too cool! And I agree - the version that allows you to destroy buildings is the best ^_^

Anonymous said...

Awesome! (Can anyone please tell me what the music in the video is? I know I've heard it before, but the details elude me.)

Anonymous said...

(I finally figured out what the music in this video is -- it was so hauntingly familiar -- Radiohead's "Street Spirit".) Back on topic, I've just *got* to get a Tornado HUD! I went to Tornado Island by following the SLURL here and played with the demo... it's a blast! The destructible buildings feature is awesome! And, oddly enough, cathartic. =)