Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Go to your happy place, courtesy of Yoa Ogee

Yoa Ogee always takes me to my happy place. And that is precisely the reaction he is after. You see, Yoa founded and heads up the organization World's Greatest Smile.

Yoa Ogee: Peace is what I have been most interested in all my life. The World's Greatest Smile is an international peace project dedicated to friendly communication, and is supported by 14 Nobel Laureates, as well as many other people from 131 countries. The goal is to motivate people to communicate in a more friendly and effective way and to give them the resources to do so. We develop games for children, too, to teach them teamwork in a playful way.

So committed is he to this goal, that 100% of the proceeds from the sales of all his fantastic avatars goes directly into the coffers of this organization.

For the Garden of NPIRL Delights, Yoa created an installation he calls Happy Humans!

Yoa's birds have strong feet

Yoa Ogee: It is a big birdhouse... and all the birds in and around the house have only one thing in mind: “Oh, the human rights are so great, it must be wonderful to be a human... it is our mission to tell everybody more about that! Sooooo happy humans...!“

These birds perch in most unusual places

Aviation school

Yoa Ogee: The birds must be prepared for this mission, so they have a newbie/newbird area in the house. There the young birds can learn more about the human rights. And, of course, an aviation school, a few nests with baby birds and more...

Be happy!

Don't forget to pick up the three freebie avatars at this installation, too (teleport directly from here).