Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gorgeous prim abuse at the FRI

A prim is a basic building block that is used to create (build) anything and everything in the virtual world of Second Life®. Prim torture (or abuse), as terrible as that may sound, is the ability to change that building block's attributes mid-stream to wield unusual shapes.

It isn't often that a venue and a temporary art show mesh together well. More often than not, something is "off," whether it's the architecture, the colors, or how the art is framed or positioned.

A happier circumstance could not be found in this regard, than the current show featuring Gore Suntzu's kinetic art at the Fashion Research Institute's (FRI) Castle Queen Pea building by Lily Lioncourt (teleport directly from here).

Like jewels encrusting themselves on the arabesque structure, they accentuate the archways and Moorish ceilings.

The pulsating qualities of Gore's "prim abuse" sculpty sculpture can be better appreciated in this video by Iridescent Coronet.

Gore's show ends June 15th.


Unknown said...

wow this is lovely thank you very much Bettina :)