Sunday, July 13, 2008

...and the most expensive dress on the grid is... NPIRL - RFL reaps the rewards

Sometimes you are just in_the_news. Such is the case of Eshi Otawara this month, as she keeps knocking our socks off with her one hour builds , and the creation of CodeBastard Redgrave's new sim "Rouge..." but nothing could have prepared me for her latest.

Remember this dress?

We went wild in December when Eshi introduced us to this divine, very Not Possible in Real Life frock, which she created using fish hooks. Within days, she issued a limited edition in black, and it became an instant hit.

Fast forward! We are in the final days of this year's brilliantly successful in-world Relay for Life fundraiser, and Eshi wanted to do her part, so this afternoon she offered the very last of the black fishook dresses up for auction at an event hosted by Designers in Seclusion and organized by Alaska Metropolitan and Tigerlilly Koi.

I'm told that the bidding began and, per Eshi, "When the dress reached $150K, I got really excited... at $200K, I got nervous... and at $300K, I quit breathing. Finally, I cried!"

Two women got into a bidding war, but decided to join forces and put up all the money they had to get it: $460,000L!

The winners are Kay Fairey and Clarabelle Cazalet, two models for Premiere Modeling Management. When I asked if they were clothing designers, too, Clarabelle responded, "We're just really good clothes hangers and know how to accessorize!" Kay added, "We are getting ready to make our own fashion publication on the net."

Kay Fairey, Eshi Otawara and Clarabelle Cazalet

Of course, I had to ask what in the world Clarabelle and Kay were going to do with a no-trans dress. Was Eshi going to give it to them transferable? "Yes, because they put up so much to get it, but under the condition that they can only transfer it to a third person if it is for another RFL auction next year," she replied.

8:52pm Update: Eshi has just learned that Kay Fairey won the auction outright, but decided that she will share it with her good friend Clara, knowing that Clara had wanted the dress for a long time. Such a happy ending!


Anonymous said...

That comes out to $1,741 US depending on the market fluctuations.

Unknown said...

Where can we see this dress in action? I would pay to have a look. It must be awesome to command such attention.

Chenin Anabuki/Avatrian

Bettina Tizzy said...

I am very fortunate to have one of these dresses, Chenin. I will be happy to model it for you sometime.