Sunday, July 27, 2008

Inflatable women, Happy Missiles and other necessary accoutrements for a properly accessorized Second Life

I have always been fascinated by ultra accessorized avatars who are in the know when it comes to the coolest purveyors offering an array of goods with which to manifest their particular styles, ranging from the "everything but the kitchen sink" belts and boots sporting Swiss knives, flasks and cigarette packs (and the occasional teddy bear), to tellement détaillés military dandies, ninjas and soldiers of fortune dealing with imaginary villains in their camouflage uniforms, cyber-prostheses, and well-appointed helmets and katanas.

I snapped this pic of a customer at artoo Magneto's Trash Palace ages ago and have longed to find that hair ever since. Alas, no such luck

Among the fashiontribes I most admire are the impeccably attired Steampunk peeps. All those exposed gears and bolts, coupled with bowler hats and Victorian touches convey an appealing gentrified eccentricity and frankly, I find it all rather elegant, in a metallic sort of way.

There was a good read in the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this month by Damon Poeter, in which he points out that "Steampunk originated in the 1990s to describe science fiction that was an offshoot of the cyberpunk genre, but has since gained a real-world footing in fashion and design that evokes the Victorian era. Now a full-fledged subculture, Steampunk is increasingly visible at gatherings such as Burning Man and Goth "Convergence" festivals." Well Damon, it is also a much celebrated phenomenon in the virtual world of Second Life®, as can be seen in such charming apparatuses and whirling gizmos, doodads and creatures created by TracyLynne Carpenter and Ordinal Malaprop, and of course, Bryn Oh.

Anyhow, I have no idea how I managed to get so sidetracked when what I really intended to tell you is that I had the pleasure of running into the very delightful Pandora Wrigglesworth yesterday afternoon. We spent a pleasant hour at my lush new Chakryn Forest (teleport directly from here) catching up on things and, as it turns out, she's been busy researching and developing advanced Steampunk-ish gadgetry and unusual innovations (some do call it "misapplied technology").

I was reminded that I never did manage to share the news with you about her Extendo-Leg Shoes - as shown here in a photograph of hers - when she demonstrated a variation on that theme that's especially appropriate for very short but fashionable women who want to give the appearance of being considerably taller: the Uber Platform Boots.

But the real surprise came when - in a true departure from the style I've come to know Pandora for - she donned her latest: the Inflatable Woman avatar, complete with that zippy sound of vinyl rubbing against vinyl when she walks.

When you hug the Inflatable Woman, she blows up like a balloon

Another recent innovation is her Camera Hat, which lifts off your head and flits about as it tracks your client camera.

The Camera Hat should not be confused with Pandora's Topter Hat - the ultimate flight assist - that opens its doors to deploy working propellers when the wearer is in flight

But my favorite, just for sheer fun, has to be the Happy Missile Silo.

That's me (in Tooter Claxton's Brunhilde avatar) on the top and Pandora to one side. Pandora also develops all the superb poses.

Pandora describes it as follows:

"So your neighbors have a Super Fun Cannon, do they? (Another Pandora Wrigglesworth product) When it comes to household armament, you can’t afford to fall behind. If you love your children and want them to grow up happy, it’s time to invest in a Happy Missile. You do love your children, don’t you? Don’t you? Install this Happy Missile Silo and you will have an endless supply of Happy Missiles. When properly calibrated, each missile is guaranteed to fire straight up and explode to the delight of the entire neighborhood.

Seats Up To Fourteen! Tiny Compatible! Silo Is Just 8 Prims! 20% Chance of Kittens with Parachutes! Beware low ceilings. Not recommended for indoor use.

Notably, all proceeds from the sale of her items benefit her Global Domination Fund. You can pick up any of these items at Pandora's shop, Curio Obscura, by teleporting directly from here.

See also: Fashion that would make any engineer proud

Photographs of the Extendo-Leg-Shoes, the Uber Platform Boots, the Topter Hat, and the Camera Hat by Pandora Wrigglesworth.


Barney said...

You maybe should drop in on Sunday 2PM in the sim Lummerland, where Florenze and I run a little show-and-tell event for quite some while - a lot of the people you present here have presented at show-and-tell long before :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bettina, the hair in your first photo is by Hern Worsley of AVZ. I think (but I'm not sure) it's only available as part of a full outfit set, called Survivor. It might be available separately from the outfit, but I haven't seen it.

The set is on sale in the main AVZ store on OnCom. I'm standing in front of the vendor now :-) at

Hern's hair is fabulous.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Barney - Your Lummerland events are famous and yes, I keep meaning to attend and then get side-tracked. I can't tell you how many people have mentioned your show-and-tells. Thanks for reminding us.

Ka, thank you so very much! Can't wait to hop in world and check this out. How silly is it to get so excited about hair, but the fact is, I'm delighted.