Monday, July 21, 2008

Eshi Otawara's one-hour sim project is blossoming

July 22 - 1:47am UPDATE: The flower will stay for a bit longer. Eshi would have to eject people from the sim otherwise! I look at what is there and wonder... how can people who aren't in Second Life® look at this and not want to dive in immediately?

Can you smell the Night Jasmine? Eshi's tux dress against Eshi's flower

1:40pm UPDATE: Dusan Writer has just acquired this installation... thank heavens! Eshi has not been saving any of her sim-wide creations for this project, but this one just couldn't disappear. It just couldn't!

Also, I should mention that I took all of these photographs using Torley's special Windlight presets.


These are just a few of the dozens of photographs I took at Eshi Otawara's latest in her ongoing one-hour sim project... a towering flower. I didn't retouch them.

Just go... Teleport directly from here. It will poof by midnite tonite SLT.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bettina, I uploaded a bunch of pics to your flickr group. One of the pics is a panorama of the whole thing (pretty big) :). Anyway, am so glad someone bought it. I'm completely amazed at its beauty and symbolism. Not sure if you know, but it represents, from Yoga, the chakras. Where we landed is the Crown chakra located at the top of your our) heads. :) Also known as: Cosmic Consciousness Center, "I AM" Center, Sahasrara. And to be honest, I felt it :) This has to be the single most beautiful work in SL. I can't wait for Dusan to rez it somewhere. Please keep us updated. And thank you for your wonderful sharing. Also, thank you Eshi, I'm in awe of you're talent, your mind and you're heart. Least not forget, you're soul. :) (the Open ID thing doesn't work for me. But, this is Gary Kohime.

Anonymous said...

eshi's outstanding with her creations, and this one is no excemption! thank you eshi for creating it and thank you npirl for letting us all know!

bettina, unfortunatley, some people in SL don't even know how great it can be, so its not just those who are outside sl that we should worry about, but those that are inside, oblivious and unaware of beauty such as this.

Douglas Story said...

I officially handed over the Really Big Floral Creation Crown over to Eshi immediately on seeing this thing. Ummm....I -did- have that, right?
It's a gorgeous, wonderful work, and is pretty much what I had in the back of my mind when I conceived of the FlowerBall over a year ago. Wow, wow, wow....