Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chakryn Forest presents... new works by Glyph Graves

Australian artist Glyph Graves' show, featuring his newest kinetic sculptures throughout Chakryn Forest, will continue to run through October 6. He describes his work as an interplay between structure and texture, as well as the normal digital tools of graphic and 3D modeling programs.

Music: Narayanam, performed by Suchita Parte
Video: Bettina Tizzy

Start at the Stone heads (teleport directly from here). Turn your stream off and your sound up. As you walk along the path, elements of rock greet you... first with trepidation, then with the joy of having you in their midst and finally, sorrow as you depart.

Listen to a song of cello and kalimba. It is for you that they make the song.

Each head has a set of different notes. Each head will play a different note depending on its distance from you. Together they make a song celebrating your proximity.

Now... turn your stream back on and wander the sim for many discoveries.

Chakryn Forest is the creation of Andrek Lowell.