Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quadropop Tree's artist community

The Quadrapop Tree sim is the tangible expression of a vision that quadrapop Lane and CaptainCrunch Hax had to build an artists' community where "everything an artist/scripter/builder/performer might need (is) in one sim."

The pair are offering rental parcels for builders to have a homebase "but also somewhere to rez their builds in peace if they choose," says quadrapop. Residents will also have access to a private group-only sand box for prim-heavy builds, as well as allocated prims at the community's commercial space, and a Gallery. Regular seminars "on all things to do with building as well as discussions and displays on art/culture within Second Life®" will also be an important part of life on Quadrapop Tree.

"Part of our vision was a more cohesive image on the ground - none of the mish-mash of styles one often sees, even on private estates, but to also avoid the recreation of yet another Real Life space," said quadrapop. "Thus the alien planet feel of the current landscape. If you have read Iain M Bank's Culture novels, you will have some idea of the universe in which this landscape might be found."

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