Sunday, September 7, 2008

Real Life inspires: Doll Face

I am quite taken with artist and animator Andrew Huang's Doll Face video. You might also enjoy his Fluxis, and Projections III. Doll Face reminds me a bit of Senuka Harbinger's Senasy Cybernetic Arachnid Avatar. Andrew, if you have a presence in Second Life®, I hope you will introduce yourself.


Vidal Tripsa said...

Doll Face is certainly one of the more inspirational art pieces to have hit my second life. It surprised me at the time to find that there's a lot of this sort of work being done around the internet. In my case it's the fact that dolls are the subject which makes it so significant, but all too often our world itself is likened to a doll house, and imagery like this could be seen to apply to our avatars just as much as an impressionable robot or otherwise aspiring creature.

I myself am fascinated with doll-specific impossibilities, and while the majority of my video collection is probably quite irrelevant, I offer up Philips' shaving gynoid as a faintly similar breadcrumb.