Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Four Yip freaks us out

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Four Yip is an Amsterdam-based illustrator and artist in Real Life who amuses herself (and blows our collective minds) by creating often-free virtual items that push the boundaries so hard that they must hurt.

I picked up my freebie copy of her "Waldemar Twins," a most unusual avatar and set, at the Freakshow organized by Loglady Loon, which opened earlier this week.

You wear the avatar and then throw your arm over the shoulder of the photographed twin on a set. Genius.

Four explains it this way: "I made one part of the twin (and) the "other-half" is lost. Only a portrait of her other-half is left. You can pose with the other-half's portrait if you put on the avatar (sit on the poseball), and soon you will find 'the freak' inside you."

Get yours and see the rest of the Freakshow by teleporting from here.

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Toxic Menges said...

Loglady asked me to do a machinima of the opening night: Please watch in HD to get the best viewing experience.

for Paisley Beebe said...

Toxic Menges will be interviewed on This Weeks Show 6pm slt Sunday at Northpoint Studio's about her Machinima and Loglady Loon was interveiwed on this weeks show! watch at Four Yip continues to astound with her originality!

Unknown said...

I wanna thank Bettina for this amazing article about Four Yip's freak and Freak Show. I really appreciate it ^_^

Bettina Tizzy said...

Thanks, Elisa. The real miracle is that I blogged at all, since I have not been for weeks, but who could resist? Thanks for your kind comment.