Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jewish Home - Ecumenical faith pushes the boundaries in a virtual world

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Just for a moment, forget the prims. Forget the distance between your keyboard and the virtual space you inhabit.

Via particle guru and scripter Darek Deluca, we learned of one of the sweetest places yet geared to faith in Second Life®. While Brazilian Jew Maarz Aya has called her creation Jewish Home, it is inclusive and welcoming to all faiths.

Featuring Pandora Wrigglesworth's very Not Possible IRL door (touch to enter), which leads to the inside of a moon just above it, this special place is accentuated with Aminom Marvin, Baron Grayson and vitrail Illois' trees, gentle particle effects and little lights by Yuki Aabye, Fallingwater Cellardoor's flowers and a spooky fallen tree by Aki Shichiroji.

Why do I like Jewish Home so much? This little island in the sky may be stretching the boundaries of what is possible, but I'm attracted because it is more welcoming and conducive to meditation, prayer and conversation than the vast majority of places of faith that I have been to in Real Life. Teleport directly from here.