Friday, August 22, 2008

Like telegraphic signals, the magical pixels roll in - Templum ex Obscurum

Melodious Source

As of this writing and in just five days, 340 of the very best photographers of Second Life® have mobilized, becoming members of the Templum ex Obscurum - A NPIRL photographic challenge Flickr group to produce photograph after stunning photograph, relaying their views like telegraphic signals, of this high-drama, absolutely cinematic location... via magical pixels.

Whether gothic or ghostly, a scene from a dark fairy tale or an epic tragedy, these shots tell us stories about what has transpired there while the banks of fog roll in over the underground rivers, and moonbeams set off the sparkle of the crystal trees.

Some add prose or poetry. Others don't even tag. Most of these images haven't been viewed much, if at all, and a very few have garnered comments and faves from visitors to those pages.

I've picked out just ten of these gems to share with you here today, and I'll publish many more with you over the days to come. Thank you Baron Grayson, creator of this masterpiece, and thanks, too, to Cuwynne Deerhunter - guardian and owner of Templum - for his support and endorsement of this project.

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Annalisa Shepherd

Shoot 'Em Up - F.Paine

Lilith Ivory

Trinity Outlander

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Rowan Masala

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