Saturday, August 16, 2008

Madcap Madcow Cosmos *finally* opens a store + freebies, too

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Prolific. Genius. Prim hog. Brilliant. Funny. I have described Madcow Cosmos in these ways and more, but never, ever have I been able to call him a merchant. I can do this today, as Madcow has finally established an outlet where we can pick up copies of his insanely cool avatars and stuff: The Primordial Soup and Sandwich, teleport directly from here.

I spent some time last night in a sandbox with Madcow, previewing his newest line of avatars and Oh.My.Goodness. While all are - as I have come to expect - hilarious, some of them are truly the stuff of my childhood nightmares, and would make worthy under-the-bed monsters. It all got me to thinking about Halloween... NPIRL's #1 holiday and the one day when we observe that rite: PARTY time (note to self: better start thinking about venues 'n stuff).

Madcow greeted me personally at his new store. It was a bit... intimidating :)

Freebies: There are two ways to secure freebie avatars: touch the "specials of the day" on the counter, or take a look in the dumpster.