Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear Colgate-Palmolive...

Oh, the ruckus that ensued over your promotion in Second Life! I for one would like to congratulate you for taking the leap and having a presence here. The typists behind all these pixelated people need to brush, too. However, I would like to suggest that you consider taking a more... erm... "virtual worlds" approach. Let's not forget that Second Life is about entertaining its Residents, too.

I happened upon Madcow Cosmos today while he was working away in a sandbox and was delighted with his new-to-me avatar. He calls it the "Brush your teeth Fairy." I immediately thought of you! I suspect that people would respond more... um... enthusiastically to this fairy than any corporate booth.

However, when I took the liberty of dropping a snapshot of it to your marketing company representative, the only responses I got were two "lols." Oh well. Catch ya next time. :P


Joni West said...

Thanks for mentioning the Colgate promotion in your blog! I didn't receive the photo or I would certainly have thanked you for it! Very...not possible in RL! LOL!
You may not have heard, but more than 30,000 individual residents in SL happily accepted a freebie folder with a virtual Colgate Smile as well as a notecard with 10 places in SL that will make you smile (these are totally non-Colgate related places). We REALLY try to bring value to the grid with our clients' promotions. I use my Colgate Smile in SL all the time now! So do my friends! I think that is pretty cool. As for who should do what, the bloggers who ripped into Colgate about the "build" should have read the first and main paragraph in the blogger news release that said the promotion was about the Colgate Smile Power Teams traveling the grid to give away freebie and not the vending machines in the small office building it said, that was there to make it convenient for people who read and write blogs to go get a Colgate Smile package if they didn't run into a Colgate Smile Buzz Agent or the Brush Your Teeth Fairy! LOL!
Best Regards, Joni West avitar Joni Rich President of This Second Marketing LLC.