Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's bloomin' sculpties at Seifert Surface's "xyz" sim

This is Seifert Surface's new tree. In fact, he exclaimed just one word as I arrived: "tree!" And so it is! All 273 sculpty prims of it (with 4096 ends at the top).

It thrills me to see someone as cerebral as Seifert - a postdoctoral mathematician - take such pleasure in creating new, and often dazzlingly beautiful things. He just took possession of his new sim "xyz," and is still unpacking stuff, but the sculpture garden and the tesseract house are already in place.

He's still waiting on the sculpty implementation to get fixed. "This one with the tree seems stable-ish, but there are other, more complex ones (he has planned) that don't work reliably... the texture doesn't download properly all the time," he added.

He rezzed a poster-type board and asked me to tell him what it said. This item... I mean all of it, is just one prim. The letters are distinctly different from the base board. Etched, raised, finely sculpted, shadowed.

Seifert then asked me to zoom my camera away and tell him what the same poster said. "It tells you what your LOD (level of detail) is. It changes based on your distance from it," he explained. Ha!

Click to see large.

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Tooter Claxton said...

woooooo! I predict SL bumperstickers!