Sunday, January 13, 2008

3star Tyne's Creeping Frog Princess

Kermit the Frog always makes me smile, but I like him best when he sings, "Someday we'll find it, that NPIRL connection... the builders, the dreamers, and me." Oh, wait... I'm the one who sings that! Figure I'm going to get some ribbitin' for that one... :) Eh!

Speaking of frogs, 3star Tyne, designer of several breathtaking outfits for women who embrace the Not Possible IRL mantra - including the much celebrated Glass House Mary outfit - brightened my morning today when she shared her newest creation with me... the Creeping Frog Princess ensemble.

Photo by 3star Tyne

I tried the gown on myself and found it to be ultra feminine and diaphanous, featuring a soft floral print, and a crown of flowers, too. Upon closer inspection, I realized that I had 3D green frogs leaping off my arm and chest and waist. Virtual jewelry and virtual nature!

You may be wondering to yourself, "how is this Not Possible IRL?" Glad you asked! I guarantee that I would not be standing still long enough to have a photograph taken if this were happening in Real Life.

You can find this outfit and many other lovelies at 3star's shop, which you can teleport to directly from here.