Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lainy Voom - A consummate storyteller

This superb piece of Machinima by Lainy Voom is based on the The Dumb Man by Sherwood Anderson.

Anderson wrote, "There is a story.--I cannot tell it.--I have no words. The story is almost forgotten but sometimes I remember." Well, Lainy Voom has told the story in ways that are only possible in the metaverse. In my opinion, this is the zenith of NPIRLism.

The Dumb Man from Lainy Voom on Vimeo.

January 16 update: Lainy took an interview from Hamlet Au of New World Notes that you'll be wanting to read after you watch this. In fact, it was Hamlet who introduced me to Lainy... just one more reason to appreciate that man. Thanks, Hamlet!