Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tooter Claxton weighs in with his Muscle Man, and a Maze, too

So... there I was, hangin' with some NPIRLers on Monday when Tooter Claxton - Real Life graphic designer, in-world builder and one of my absolutely fave avatar creators - TP's in. You learn to expect the unexpected where Tooter is concerned, and sure enough, a stocky, body-builder dude I'd never seen before made the approach. "You need some weights, Toot," I said.

As soon as he began typing his reply, I realized that he had already taken matters into his own hands. He was lifting - and pumping - Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit and Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Eeeps, that's too weighty for me!

This photograph by Poid Mahovlich

There's this tempting air valve on his shoulder... *fingers_are_itching_almost_uncontrollably_now*

Anyways, Toot's been making more than avatars. His latest is a maze that rezzes as you go. Teleport directly from here, and then look for it next to the big pile of ears...

Walking through it, you'll discover that it temp rezzes letters, and that those letters spell out words. Figure out the correct sentence and send it to Tooter via notecard. If you get it right, Toot will give you a free avatar. Your choice, too.

Here, Poid Mahovlich and Taliesin Bauhaus are giving it a shot

There are several sentences, but only one is the right one, so you might need another go at it. Or maybe a few. I've just been notified by Tooter that my second submission was wrong. Toot, I'm going to get this right. I am.


Suzanne Graves said...

Tooter's avatars are really funny.
I finished the maze yesterday... yes it takes some time and some determination. Got the right sentence... and the Synthia Picassole avatar which is one of the most incredible things I have seen in Second Life...


Juko said...

You do want to know if we get it first time, don't you Bettina? LOL Thanks for the fun Tooter :-)

Bettina Tizzy said...

Ha! In my defense, Juko, I DID submit complete sentences that actually meant something... but apparently they weren't *the* sentence. *sighs deeply* :)

Congrats, Suzanne and Juko!

Moongold said...

Really loved the maze Tooter and thanks to npirl & bettina for the heads-up :-)
Agree with Suzanne that Tooters avatars are the biz, I am looking a right untasteful eyefull at the moment thanks to getting the correct sentence. Not first time...