Sunday, January 6, 2008

Spiral Walcher introduces "the new neon"

I live for those IMs... unexpected, urgent, and magical on the other end of the subsequent teleport to something surprising and new. I received a couple of those messages this past week from Spiral Walcher, who's incredible top hats were featured here not even a month ago. Spiral is yet another terrific content creator AM Radio has introduced me to.

Just look at what he is doing... playing with Windlight and textures! I've sent a few samples to Torley Linden as I think these are shining examples of the pluses of Windlight, but haven't heard back yet. Please someone, show Torley this!

They are rezzed in a sandbox in the sky over IBM 6. Still, 2D photography doesn't do them justice. They move and shimmer and change in much the way many particles do. You simply have to go and see them for yourself. First teleport here and then look for these coordinates: 171, 106, 101. Then fly up... looking for a black box in the sky.

This is a floor... again, 2D stills do not do it justice.

It all started with his experimentation with this box and a couple of others.

Then, just yesterday, Spiral TP'ed me to this... an electric forest! Teleport directly from here.

I'd say this is the beginning of an important new technique, wouldn't you?


Lauren said...

Yes,important but I don't have a clue how it is done. Amazing, and thank you Spiral

Aenea Nori said...

Spiral was so kind as to invite me back to see his project last night. I was floored, with feelings like when I saw DC's Skydancers the first time.

I can't wait for him to finish so I can see it again. :)