Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Content creation in the service of LOVE - Gwen Carillon's sphere for "Breath"

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I created a group in Flickr called NPIRL <3 - Content creation in the service of LOVE, and invited Flickrites to share their photographs and stories about content creation in the service of love... especially if it has a Not Possible IRL twist to it. Here was the first one I published. Even though we have over a hundred members now, contributions have been few and far between... Happily, I keep stumbling upon stories that fit in their own way.

Sometimes, by taking a moment to nurture yourself, you plant a seed that spreads and is cultivated by others. Such was the case of Gwen Carillon's "Breath" sculpture. Gwen owns and fills Elements in Design, Elemental Muse Jewelry and Dreamscapes Gallery of Art with celestial creations that often strike me as the sort of things one might find in heaven. Teleport directly from here.

I like to read the notecards that Gwen adds to each item she places for sale. They say a lot about her thinking as she crafted the piece. Gwen describes Breath as follows:

"Imagine a wisp of air... ethereal, insubstantial and fleeting. Imagine glass... fragile and crystalline. When life is challenging, we can sometimes feel disconnected from those we love and even from the world around us. We feel fragile... as insubstantial as breath. So fragile that we could blow away if we don't make a concerted effort to hang on to ourselves."

It seems that I am not the only one to read her notecards. Gwen reports that she often receives responses to them. Here is one by Moonglow Bouchard who kindly agreed to allow its publication.

Hello Gwen,

I was wandering in your shop and found this note which inspired the following. I thought I'd share. Hope you don't mind.

Moonglow (Bouchard)

And yet, breath is life
Without this seemingly insubstantial thing
there would be no other valuables
that could not be held in the hand:


for without love there is no breath

Even as we love those around us
we must also love ourselves
For without love of self
we cannot truly
love another
So we breath
And help others
do the same