Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear fashion designers of Second Life... we are desperately seeking fashion that would not be possible in real life

I understand that there is a solid market for clothing that emulates what we wear in real life, but aren't you a little bit tempted to really explore the possibilities that only the metaverse affords us?

Take this outfit - Glass House Mary - by NPIRL'er and designer/creator 3star Tyne, for instance. Every time I wear it, I am bombarded with requests for the name of the maker and the landmark. For this photo, I added a black modesty top, and omitted a couple of optional pieces. 3star Tyne's work is sold modifiable. Yusssh! *whistles and claps for mod perms!* I especially love the scripted bursts of stained glass shards that surround me when I wear it.

Click for close up
If you have an outfit that would not be possible in real life, please allow us to consider it for exposure to our group.
Slurl: 3star Land