Saturday, September 15, 2007

Earth Primbee's Machinima - Using virtual environments to benefit Real Life

One of NPIRL's charter members, builder of the much admired Inspire Drive-In and Inspire Space Park, dreamer and machinima maker Earth Primbee, alerted us to two new vids he's created. Here are instances where Second Life's virtual environments accomplish things that would not be possible in real life, but also turn right around to benefit the real world.


"It is especially important when considering science and technology to seek the potential as much as the present value in new ideas," said Earth. "So many great things in our lives are a result of ideas born at the edge of "that's impossible" or "that's ridiculous." It is my hope that this video will not only encourage NASA's efforts to harness the power of virtual worlds, but help the world see how it will and does benefit everyone."

"The Narrows" song by Broet

Earth told us that he's been experimenting with using prims as an alternative to traditional lighting instruments in Second Life for some time. He added, "the band Broet knew I loved to create music video style clips. They asked me to throw something together for a show they had coming up in Austin, TX. I decided to push my lighting prims to the limit and really see what I could do. This video is a combination of some of the clips I produced in Second Life that I projected behind the band during the live performance in real life. I thought their song was perfect for the mood of the NASA CoLab video and ties the two examples of the uses of Second Life together."