Friday, September 14, 2007

A butterfly hunt that results in fabulous jewelry = charming NPIRL, the Random Calliope way

A few days ago Tayzia Abattoir - NPIRL'er and the gentle lady general of SL's first museum (etabli August, 2004), the Crescent Moon, as well as curator of the Aho Museum on the NMC campus - introduced us to a delightful gentleman, Random Calliope . He is the artist and creator behind the most exquisite 100% prim based, untextured jewelry, all of it originally designed. Calliope also reigns supreme over what is undoubtedly Second Life's highest fashion house of jewelry, the Worthwhile Gallery. Slurl: Worthwhile Gallery.

Naturally, we hastened to join him to our group on the spot. Welcome, Random!

Soon after, Random kindly extended an invitation to the NPIRL'ers to participate in the Ode to Caledon Butterfly Hunt on the estate of the Duchess of Loch Avie, Her Grace, Eva Bellambi. This lovely, very Victorian, yet NPIRL thing to do which took place Wednesday last, was an homage to the once very popular community butterfly hunts of days gone by, but the virtual twist was that hundreds of the butterflies - not all! - contained pieces of jewelry from Random's Ode Collection. Oh oh oh!

Unfortunately, yours truly was too caught up with the excitement and completely forgot to photograph the event, but here is a pic of another butterfly hunt, to give you some idea.

While there, we spotted several of our members, including longtime Caledonian and adventurer Hotspur O'toole.

If you are short on funds but still appreciate beautiful things, Random offers a collection of over 190 pieces, all of the best quality, free of charge, to visitors of his fine establishment.