Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Interdimensional Alien Flying Circus

This is Part II of a notice that was issued in-world to NPIRL members on September 7th

A NPIRL Preview

NPIRL'er Cube Inada (Larry Rosenthal IRL) tp'ed us in for a preview of his new "Interdimensional Alien Flying Circus, which he created for the Starbase C3 online Sci-fi world project.

With this build, Cube takes Lucas' concept of a grimy, used universe "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." and pushes it into a darker place. Cube is quick to point out that the designs and the world of Starbase C3 are wholly original and unlike the other sci fi in SL.

Run by Mon-ti (play on Monty Python?), a multi-legged snake-oil sales-alien from parts unknown, the space station is a throw back to the road show carnivals and circuses of old earth in the 1800s.

The multi-tiered space station will offer boxing matches between known and heretofor unknown species, a dance club worthy of any Wookie or Ewok, and shopping areas for...um... strange things. Vendor areas are just becoming available.

Slurl: Interdimensional Alien Flying Circus