Monday, November 5, 2007

Not Possible IRL boogies down

It can take more than a gentle tug to pull some NPIRLers away from their meetings, scripting, Maya or what-have-you and persuade them to look around a bit... though I have found that once I've extracted them from their cocoons, they are like kittens on catnip, and don't want to stop. All NPIRLers appreciate a good learning experience, however, so our choice field trips are regularly well attended.

Given all this, it was with some trepidation that I ventured into the uncharted territory of throwing parties for NPIRLers... Turns out they can cut a rug if they are so inclined (and some are all-time heavy-weight champs at it! Flea, I'm eyeballing you!), so I think a party or two a year will be just the ticket.

Wednesday's Not Possible IRL parties - two of 'em, back-to-back to accomodate all time zones - were our first group hullabaloos ever. We unveiled the winning design of NPIRL's logo contest... the group was four months old... and it was Halloween. I'm sure I don't have to explain why Not Possible IRL has claimed ownership of this holiday :D It's ours, yea! If yer nice we might rent out a bit of it to ya.

Each party took on an entirely different character every few minutes, so I will simply say that they were plenty colorful, and went from being intermittently warm and civilized to wacky crazy.

Meet some of my favorite people... Kindly click on any of the pics for a better look.

There was the man of the hour, Seifert Surface, that postdoctoral mathematician who created NPIRL's winning logo... Seifert's sim, Future, is loaded with mathematically-inspired sculpture, as well as his interpretation of Robert Heinlein's Crooked House.

Larry Pixel: I love your costume Seifert!
Seifert Surface is a newbie, circa last year
Tayzia Abattoir thinks Seif is a block head
Scope Cleaver: Seifert thinks he should think inside the box. :P
Sasun Steinbeck: I think boxhead Siefert is the best costume here
Sasun Steinbeck: oh for the good old days of boxheads

Amberly Kinsella, creator and owner of the jewel-encrusted and magical Tusk sim and venue for our parties, says that "sometimes I want to be a fairy, or a wizard, or Victorian, or gothic... so Tusk will change all the time." Her third rez day is coming up on November 10th (happy rez day!), but she didn't really get started building for many months because - as a real life painter - she found working in Second Life creatively frustrating since her art didn't translate well in this medium. Today, building in the metaverse is a powerful creative outlet for her.

Thomtrance O'toole, DJ extraordinaire and founder and owner of Happy Clam Island, served up track after track of vintage goa trance goodness.

Anakin Gallacher who blows one helluva good saxophone, played us some jazz and bossa nova and all kinds of good standards.

Tayzia Abattoir, founder and owner of Second Life's longest-running museum, the Crescent Moon, and Larry Pixel, CEO of the New Media Consortium (NMC)... (Larry, weren't Tayzia's wings tickling your nose? Sheesh, how did I come away from the party with just this one silly pic of you!?). In a little over a year, the NMC has grown from one sim to over 60, and now serves more than 75 real life colleges and educational organizations from all over the world, in Second Life.

Miki Gymnast, creator of the now defunct (pause, while I dab the tears from my eyes... I'm really gonna miss this) optical build at the Mars Rezzable sim (she always said it was a sandbox creation), and her friend Kitsune Kyomoon... Nearby, AM Radio who has given us the wheat fields of the Far Away, and the exquisite Marat (recently featured in the mass die-in spearheaded by Hamlet Au of that essential read, the New World Notes). In the center, the lead builder of everyone's favorite sim, the Greenies Home, and contributor to several other Rezzable sims, Pavig Lok, who took the day off from being "the pastiest hobo" to become a zombie for Halloween... and Douglas Story - creator of that visual and auditory feast, the FlowerBall, as well as some of the best art in SL, who apologized for looking rather sickly.

Seems Douglas had a bit of a mishap. (This photo by Wellington Bahram) For the evening party, Douglas enhanced his look by also donning an outfit of the Pope. I won't post that pic in the hopes that it may save his soul a little bit (actually the pic I have is too dark.)

Douglas Story: I apologize in advance
Douglas Story: I stepped out of the pope mobile and this happened
Douglas Story: Just hope I don't dance, Osprey
Osprey Therian beats the pope.
You: Osprey what is that limb you are swinging around? (Darn, I didn't get a good pic of Osprey Therian!)
Osprey Therian: late lunch
Douglas Story: Osprey, I'll get the Inquisiton on you
Douglas Story: I never claimed to be smart - just good-looking

Count Burks on the left, owner of the rapidly multiplying (like rabbits!) Dreamworld sims - and a secret builder... hehe, I like his trees! Scope Cleaver, creator of soaring buildings, textured to perfection, which I invariably swoon over, many on the Princeton sims... and his friend, Miko Omegamu.

Fact: Wherever Flea Bussy was, that was the photograph you wanted to capture. Flea is the owner and a lead creator of Grendel's Children, the thriving avatar business that has produced over eight hundred mind-bending, often hilarious, always well-crafted avatars. Yep. 800! And what avatars!

Here is Flea Bussy, standing with the beheaded Jurin Juran, owner and curator of the spectacular Blackwater Gallery, and... Talk about smart cuts! Miki Gymnast and Kitsune Kyomoon knocked our socks off with their totally NPIRL ensembles, each 1,400 scripted prims. If you visited Mars Rezzable while Miki's build was still there, you would get what these outfits were about.

Later, Jurin Juran became very, very small. I need to get me one of these avatars.

Here Flea Bussy and artist TeeCee Towradgi are juuust getting started with what would become an avatarathon... (I do believe we need to add this word to the glossary of terms)... a new avatar every couple of minutes.

TeeCee Towradgi's avatars kept getting larger and larger...
Scope Cleaver: *feels the ground shaking*

Not to be outdone, Flea responded with an avatar that prompted me to ask everyone to look up.

Jaide Wilder: ohmigawd
Sasun Steinbeck: wwwwwhooooohaaaaaaa
Seifert Surface: what is that...
Jaide Wilder: WOW
Jurin Juran: wow flea
Amberly Kinsella: AWESOME!!!
Flea Bussy: ;) Fire Goddess
Amberly Kinsella: dont eat us!!!
thomtrance Otoole: FLea .........
Sasun Steinbeck: damn that's... amazing :)
Douglas Story: holy moly!
Osprey Therian: fantastic
Douglas Story withdraws his offer of marriage to Flea
TeeCee Towradgi: Flea: I gotta know... was that an avatar or a chandelier?
Beowulf Munro: when the AV's blot out the sun and the moon
Beowulf Munro: its time to wipe the drool from your chin
Flea Bussy: and motherboard is maxed in every direction generally

Then, out came more spiders...
Akasha Wachmann swoons over the Flea!
Bella Wilberg: akasha back off shes mine!
Akasha Wachmann: swoon swoon
Ponk Bing: yay flea turned into something that won't give me nightmares
Douglas Story: well....this is rather visually entertaining party
Beowulf Munro: what a cute spider *smiles* but i liked you BIGGER cousin
Seifert Surface cams away from flea....

Douglas Story: Thank god! We needed a nurse, Sasun.

Douglas was referring, of course, to the phenomenal artist and scripter Sasun Steinbeck who was swinging a bloody cleaver.

One of the prettiest and nicest swingers of all was KK Jewell founder and owner of arcspace, the in-world and off-world home to mixed reality analysis and showcasing of great architecture.

Tooter Claxton, a favorite personality and avatar creator of this blogger, got a shot of energy while settling down to some serial IMing.

Madcow Cosmos was another creator who provided us with ACT II of the avatarathon.

Adventurer Naxos Loon brought his own casket along for the occasion.

Blaccard Burks has been busy scripting and building all sorts of land and water vehicles to traverse his new island. IRL, he's an admired and seasoned professional drummer, among other things! (Ask him :P)

Author Sean Voss (his book on SL highlights will be coming out this December) asked us to give peace a chance.

Forseti Svarog, vp of business development for the Electric Sheep Company, wore his boa.

Builder Ponk Bing was all smiles that night.

Apologies to the many NPIRLers who aren't featured here, and thanks to photographer Wellington Bahram for sending his pics over.


moon said...

OMG loved reading this post, looks like the parties were a BLAST!! What awesome and creative costumes ppl had!!! darn, hope I am invited to one of those parties next yr!!! LOL