Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Look at me

Squishies and thanks to NPIRLer and clothing/avatar designer 3star Tyne for tipping me off to aoimizuno Meili's nifty chain of shops: Le Petit Prince or LLP. It was there that I discovered aoimizuno's LPP Doll Eyes. Teleport directly from here.

This pair of eyes features compass roses and comes in two shades, yellow and grey (as shown)...

Click to see large

...whereas this pair puts the world in your eyes.

Click to see large

I'm not much of a shopper these days, but the month-long Creators Stamp Rally (CSR2008) promotion that involves many of the stores where my Lindens end up anyway is fun. Even if you aren't into shopping, I promise you all sorts of good finds.


Lauren said... kewl.