Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Art 101 redux - Penumbra Carter

I have no idea who Penumbra Carter is, but this is the best summary of art in Second Life® I've seen to date in one video. Who are you, Penumbra and what did you mean by all of this? Please do tell us!


Susan Reynolds said...

I'm as clueless as you, but it's fascinating. I'd take issue with the idea that it's an artist's job to make you see the world OUR way not your way though. Poppycock. You tell ME what you see in my work, not the other way around. But then again, we all have different philosophies and - even if I did just call that one poppycock - I do respect them all. We all just need to say poppycock once in awhile.

Even if my SL identity Tynan Clary does not make art, I'm opining cuz this one made my teeth grind to think about such a blanket statement.