Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ian Pahute gives us the world again - This time, a meditation

The last time we visited Ian Pahute (aka Ian Upton), he had just launched, together with Corro Moseley, a geo-coded map within Second Life® that enables you to explore a scaled 3D version of Birmingham, UK and access geo-tagged news in-world, from all over the world.

Now Ian is looking inward. He is putting the finishing touches on a contemplative installation he calls "The Loneliness of Being." Over a thousand words are culled live from about 20 blogs (using RSS), including this one, Amnesty International, BBC World News, New World Notes, Roanna (a cancer survivor), Greenpeace, and more, and come together in the shape of a sphere.

The slurl will be posted later this week.


Gina Glimmer said...

I'm looking forward to visit this new creation from Ian. I've met him several times in-world and I'm always impressed by his stunning creativity and the many different ways in which he blends rl art with sl.

Thumbs up Ian!