Thursday, June 19, 2008

Divine Madcow Cosmos' divinations

Madcow Cosmos is industrious, yes. He uses prims with wild abandon, yes. Since he upgraded his computer a few weeks ago, this Canadian chef-by-day - creator-by-night's work has soared. His texture work! His elegant touches using glow!

Madcow likes to work against a theme. This time: the entire Tarot deck... major arcana, minor arcana, the works. While he is loosely basing himself on the Rider-Waite deck, he has realized his own metaphorical interpretations and, while he is just about halfway through (there are 78 cards), multi-sim gallery owner Alexander Vargas couldn't wait. He has generously provided Madcow with two sims to exhibit the 40-some completed pieces, and to complement them, he has added a notecard to each one explaining the significance of that card.

Even more exciting... Alexander is awaiting delivery of yet another sim, by which time Madcow will have more cards completed... and... when the full deck is ready, Madcow is looking for ways to do scripted Tarot spreads and readings.

Molly Montale - who believes that this is "the most impressive prim work in Second Life®" - has just finished photographing a number of these pieces, and I liked her work so much that I prefer her captures to my own. Thank you, Molly!

The High Priestess

The Three of Swords

The Ten of Swords

The Knight of Pentacles

The Fool

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