Thursday, June 5, 2008

He's a spoke in Chouchou's wheel, and more

Back in February, and in full-blown discovery mode, the first object I right-clicked at Chouchou's jewel box of a club - Islamey - had been created by a Japanese fellow by the name of Yuki Aabye. And so had the next, and the next... It seems that Yuki has often worked alongside juliet Heberle to make spaces like Islamey and the new Chouchou sim (teleport directly from here).

Yuki is also known for his shimmering pixielights and butterflies and furniture (teleport directly from here), but his photography is growing more compelling every day. Click either to see large.

By Чuкi Ааьчё - Strange vegetation

By Чuкi Ааьчё - A way to fly, or as he puts it, "me and me"