Saturday, June 21, 2008

Garden freebies to die for... and yes, you have to go to heaven or hell for 'em

UPDATE - June 24, 2008: The Garden of NPIRL Delights has closed. Thanks to everyone who created it and to those who visited it, and special thanks to RightasRain Rimbaud and his team at Rezzable Productions for sponsoring it.

The Garden of NPIRL Delights will end on June 23rd, and several of the very gifted content creators have decided that their work should not disappear. Just look at what they are giving away! Hurry hurry!

DB Bailey's Purgatorio (Take everything home!) - slurl
Photograph by Ka Rasmuson

Eladrienne Laval & Kheph777 Enoch's Tower of Industrial Judgement (Steampunk Bosch Wings) - slurl
Photograph by Alpha Auer

Tezcatlipoca Bisiani's Labyrinth
Tezcatlipoca Bisiani's Laberinto de Mictlan (You get the prize - the puzzle box and the postcard!) - slurl

Bryn Oh's Steamgarden (Several items from her build! If you put the structure on your land, send her an IM and she will come and place the beetle and the carousel on it) - slurl

four Yip's Elevator Angels (everything! - touch the panels at the entrance to choose) - slurl
Photograph by Azwaldo Villota

Alpha Auer's The NPIRL Garden of Delights Public Baths- (Her monochromatic and health-inducing jellyfish!) slurl

Madcow Cosmos' Heterotroph (avatars) - slurl

Yoa Ogee's Happy Humans! (avatars) - slurl

Yeti Bing's Perfect Universal Companionship (avatar) - slurl
This video by Crap Mariner

Gore Suntzu's "Tame a Thorn" sculpture : (This beauty could be yours!) - slurl