Sunday, June 29, 2008

Naiman Broome's hyper-realistic waves

Naiman Broome (rez: 7/20/2007) is a telecommunications engineer from Italy who worked in 3dsMax and Photoshop to create the foamiest, most believable waves I have seen to date in Second Life®.

Music by Mark Allaway, PRS

Naiman also works with Sculptpaint and Wings to make sculpties.

You can purchase these waves at a little hut on the far end of his idyllic island, Las Arenas Rosadas, which means, the pink sands. Apparently, they have only been on sale a few weeks (teleport directly from here).

Naiman is currently working on a new project with Cuba and the Buena Vista Social Club for inspirations. That should open in about a month's time.

Many thanks to Naxos Loon who always finds us wonderful things.


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