Saturday, June 21, 2008

Aiyas Aya's mountain

Canadian artist Aiyas Aya's (aka Christopher Postill) installation, "Upward Race to the Bottom," at the Garden of NPIRL Delights has always had something missing... until today that is. Aiyas, this one's for you! On the spur of the moment a slew of volunteers TP'ed in and we made it happen!

Not one pose-ball in sight! Click to see large

Aiyas describes his installation as follows: "The aim of this piece is to incorporate audience avatars as an integral part of a sculptural form. I am creating sculpture using the avatars of participants; the piece requires interaction in order to be completed. This user interaction slowly brings together a rough narrative experience as more and more viewers participate.

When properly filled, the piece becomes a wreathing mass of avatar bodies all reaching upward, stuck in a perpetual state of competition. A literal mountain of bodies all supporting eachother but fighting for the summit at the same time. Without participants, the piece is a simple terraformed mountain, but as more audience members sit on the 'pose-balls', the piece transforms into a tableau of never-ending struggle toward the top."

This photo by Gary Kohime caught us in the initial attempt

Participants include (sorry if I didn't catch your name!):
Amyrlin Sewell - Aurakyo Insoo - Avi Arrow - Bettina Tizzy - Bryn Oh - Cocoanut Koala - Dannie Fargis - Decoy Nagy - Economic Mip - Elina Radek - Ella Quinsette - Emuishere Boa - Gary Kohime - Glyph Graves - Gypsy Paz - Izikael Novi - Julia Hathor - Keenan Yengawa - Krystalheart Oh - LittleToe Bartlett - Lumiere Noir - Maraschino Susa - Mordechai Laasonen - Rena Mascot - Rikard Bashly - TheDove Rhode - Tryptofaa Sands

We had to struggle to get in! This photo by fellow Garden artist Gary Kohime

Thank you, everyone! More photos can be seen here and here.

Some days ago, Quadrapop Tree captured another bodacious attempt to fill the mountain!