Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heads up: Ariel Brearly's lush imagery soaring

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

I've been watching Brit Ariel Brearly's Flickr stream for many months and with growing affection, but something has happened in the last three or four weeks that has catapulted her photography onto an entirely new level of exotic, sumptuous inventiveness.

By working snapshots taken in Second Life® with Photoshop and coupling them with the odd texture gathered here and there, this sometimes cyborg, sometimes elf is producing story-telling imagery that is rich with symbolism and visual metaphors. Feast your eyes on this selection of photographs she's posted just in the past month and see if you agree.  


someone somewhere said...

Those are all really beautiful.

Sometimes it's hard for me to look at stuff like that because I want my own work to be that good. And not just good, but rich and meaningful. And yet, I am perpetually disappointed with what I do, and so I do less of it. Which really isn't helping the situation. I know work like this should be inspiring, but instead it just makes me not work at all, and feel sort of pointless.

Anyone else ever experience this? Or have an antidote? I don't want to give up viewing beautiful work like what is posted here in order to do my own.

Anonymous said...

Wow...really lovely... Ruina, for what it's worth, for me the great thing about art is all in the possibilities...the different voice each artist shares, the different perspectives (and different approaches/techniques). A very good dear friend of mine is, in my view, the best photographer I've seen yet he approaches his lovely art and incredible technique in a manner completely different from this lovely work. Which goes to say take the inspiration, be amazed and thrilled and even bowled over, but I would offer that you keep working your passion, your vision, your voice. :)