Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"SL is killing me" redux - A new video by Lyric Lundquist

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

If machinima is undergoing a Renaissance, and I believe it is, then Lyric Lundquist would be the one who is leading us into new glory days. In just a matter of weeks she has won my admiration and affection for her intellect and blistering narrative power... painting - with her moving images and rhythms - moments that make us vibrate. It is one thing to make art - which she does - and to excite our sense of wonder (check!), but she hones in on what matters to us and frames it so eloquently, that I feel understood by her. I have never spoken with Lyric, but today she brought tears to my eyes.

It hasn't been a week since I blogged "SL is killing me," but response has been high, both in-world and via comments to this blog. Still, nothing could have prepared me for this.

She writes: "it's not that -i- necessarily feel like i've hit a wall, but some of my closest friends in SL recently have (maybe you know who you are?). so it was more about me acting out what they might be feeling, and how it saddens me when people that i connect with go "awol" because of SL burnout."

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7:30pm Update: While I try to read New World Notes every day, I somehow missed Hamlet Au's full blown "Mixed Reality Profile" and interview with Lyric.


Gabrielle Riel said...

I blogged about your original post on my blog yesterday ( I have to say that my words PALE in comparison to this amazing piece by Lyric!

I am stunned with the beauty of this...and her spot on evocation of what it feels like when SL is killing you.

This piece makes me think of a woman who went AWOL from SL after she suffered burnout. She was sweet and helpful and wonderful. She was the Captain for Caledon's RFL Team in 2007 and a cancer surviver herself. It's a tragedy that she had to leave...but as Lyric's work says...."how much can you take before you snap"?

Thank you Bettina. Thank you Lyric.