Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The success of an Error

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Folks in real life are inclined to think of art as something that hangs in a gallery or museum, or the walls of their apartment. This is hardly necessary in Second Life®, where artists often use entire islands as their canvas. Such is the case with Comet Morigi and certainly with GutterBlood Spoonhammer, a Florida-based 3D rendering and game artist.

I would have thought Error - GutterBlood's new sim - an eminently visitable creation without it, but the curvaceous little lighthouse thrills us. His land textures, rocks, and shadows build the illusion of a once lush and verdant place that has been reduced to beachy decay... a desolate, unloved islet.

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Unknown said...

I happened to stumble across this island last week and must say I was amazed! The terrain texture is very cleverly used, and the whole build is pretty amazing.

It contains a shopping area as well - which confused me. The whole sim looked a bit too much for being a shop for the handful of items.

Reading it is a 3D artist makes much more sense now :-)