Friday, February 15, 2008

Ashanti LeShelle's photography articulates her dreams and jump-starts our imagination

Berliner Ashanti LeShelle is polite and reserved in her interactions with others, but her photography tells us so much more.

The FlyBy by Ashanti

Using freeware to post-process her photographs and Second Life as her platform, Ashanti at once loses her self containment and pierces our dazed reality, inviting us to explore her mind and her dreams in ways that surely would have delighted André Breton.

Ashanti dangles from Light Waves' sculpty Ballerina's fingers in "Aversion"

Increasingly, Second Lifers are using the metaverse as a tool for self-discovery and projection of their inner world, with new dimensions of depth. In this regard, Ashanti is leading the pack.


Camilla said...

These are incredible! Is she exhibiting anywhere in world right now? I'd love to see more!

You mention freeware for post-production editing. Do you know what she uses? (I'd love to find something less overwhelming than Photoshop!)

Great article, once again, Bettina. You sure do know how to find interesting people to profile :)

Princess Ivory

Chrisy Jewell said...

I'm amazed by Ashanti's work.Thanks for sharing this Bettina! :D

Anonymous said...

Stunning artwork and concepts.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Princess, I do not know what post-processing software she is using. Sorry! If anything, it could be said that Ashanti is a reluctant promoter. I'm just glad I got her permission to publish her photos here. Good stuff, eh?

Thanks for stopping by, Chrisy. My pleasure.