Monday, February 18, 2008

Flea Bussy - Makin' stuff for the love of orks 'n goblins

Flea Bussy: Orks. I adore em. We have funny, clumpy, rough, mean orks. Nobody buys em, and they are dirt cheap for what you get: sounds, AO, tons of parts of armor... 'n they happen to be an older av, though... but they don't sell well. And goblins... um... We're going to be redoing them a ton better now, but we never expect them to do well anyway.

This was Flea Bussy telling me about a newer line of avatars he and the staff have been making since I blogged about him and his much-celebrated Grendel's Children store (teleport directly from here).

There's the Fae Lawyer, available in spring, summer, fall and winter versions...

Open the Fae Lawyer's portfolio and glimpse at the briefs

Flea Bussy: I dunno. I got to thinking that there's a lot of folklore 'n stuff people don't know much about. Everyone knows about the two 'common' dragon looks... the western ones 'n easterns... and Anubis, and so on... So for fun, me 'n the staff been thinking there's so much other lore that isn't touched on.

Bato has an AO that enables you to hang upside down. Ears stand up pertly (as shown) or flop down or sideways, if you prefer

Flea Bussy: Baba Yaga is one I remember from my childhood, hee. I noticed... 'gee, everyone wants to be mages 'n wizards... where's the old style toxicky goopy witch?' I am a bit of a silly one though. I feel bad for everyone who makes those kinds of things, like Baba Yaga or witches as... well... ugly. So I decided to make em look fancy for a change.

Since all the avatars at Grendel's Children are fully modifiable, I wore my own shape, skin and hair with this Baba Yaga avatar

Flea Bussy: Avs have their fads that come 'n go. We ignore most of it 'n do what we like, which is what I think people like about us. We're not, indeed, cashing in on Superman 'n Spiderman and Final Fantasy, etc...

Both Baba Yaga (above) and Murkwitch have AOs that enable all sorts of particle and AO effects

The huds at Grendel's Children just keep getting better and better... and note the super sculpty hat!