Sunday, February 24, 2008

Haute on the grid... Being dOts

At Juria Yoshikawa's seeing spOts, being dOts performance last week, participants weren't just taking part in the show. They were the art, and also spontaneous interpreters of it. Meanwhile, a Real Life audience in Berlin looked on, as part of the Directors Lounge Festival.

Seeing Spots, Being Dots

The show was curated both in Second Life and Real Life by Olga Wunderlich, and featured Nnoiz Papps's original composition and musical performance - in addition to Juria's kaleidoscopic and kinetic environments.

One participant reported that the outrageously dotty moment felt like "freedom in full color." Each was given a "dot costume," as well as several numbered kinetic sculptures to wear. Juria would call out a number, and everyone would don that specific sculpture, using animations of their choosing from their own inventories. The only real rule... "stay below 700 meters."

Machinimator and artist Evo Szuyuan captured the experience on video, and added her own twist.

Seeing as the event took place on a weekday and at 9:15am SLT, most Americans were unable to attend, and many were quite disappointed. But something curious and infective is happening. People who participated in the event are sharing the full perm kinetic sculptures with others... in sandboxes and on their own land... and now this new collective "dancing" - to their own music - appears to be in vogue.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind review and the support of NPIRL before and after the performance. You are truly the Connector of sl and I can count on you to get the word out. I was happily surprised to hear that people are out wearing the props I made. Be she to watch Evo's video since I think it's the best work she's done so (just my opinion). In it you'll hear the amazing music of nnoiz Papp, which may people I've spoken to have been raving about. The environment is still up at Diabolus Island so pop by to see it firsthand
Thanks again!