Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Shattered Sword" by Cheen Pitney

Cheen Pitney captured a frozen moment in time with his monolithic... and shattered white marble sword.

"Back in September of 2006, and while I was going through my Rubber Period, I became intrigued with the possibilities of creating something NPIRL (Not Possible in Real Life), so I made that piece."

"Rubber Period?" I asked.

"Yes, I had just seen some of Starax's shiny rubber work. I like the fact that it usually rezzes first," said Cheen. "At least for my 'puter."

You can see the white marble version of the sword - as well as several of his newer pieces - at Cheen's studio (teleport directly from here). Alternatively, you can view two variations of it at Jurin Juran's Blackwater Gallery (teleport directly from here). The sword is rather large - 18 meters in height - and is 85 prims.