Friday, October 24, 2008

Alice in Wonderland, physics and Atom Burma

It was Real and Virtual wizard and magician Tuna Oddfellow, who first told us about the Carnivale Amusement Park. "It's a very comprehensive carnival, complete with a Disneyesque ride through an Alice in Wonderland fantasy, and a nifty roller coaster, too. (There are) lots of games and rides here. It was created by Atom Burma... apparently someone who likes to play with physics."

Indeed. We've seen a number of Alice in Wonderland installations in Second Life® this year, including the magical SLB5 version by LittleToe Bartlett, and each had its own attributes that made it special.

Carnivale is very much an amusement park that enjoys the distinction that you can actually walk away with many of the rides niftily tucked away in your pocket. Practically everything moves and nearly everything is for sale!

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