Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nekos and furries are the VIPs at the always new Syncretia - There's a spa and a burial chamber, too

"Love the skin you're in," goes the saying. I've worn many skins and avatars in my Second Life®, including dozens and dozens of human variations (both female and male), Yoa Ogee and Tooter Claxton's art object avatars, assorted fairies, witches, all sorts of wild and prehistoric animals and fishes - many of them from Grendel's Children - and the odd skeleton-doing-odd-things by the inimitable Madcow Cosmos. I've even given neko and furry avatars a shot, but of the lot, these last two are the ones I am the least comfortable in.

It was, therefore, with much admiration but also dismay, that I recently discovered one of Alpha Auer's newest additions to her elegant but always playful Syncretia: a glorious Spa for furries and nekos...

I'm such an impostor!

To gain access to the Spa, review the northern end of the convenient map that Alpha has made available at the sim entry point (teleport directly from here), and then look for this pool area. Hop in!

In a welcoming notecard she writes:

"Welcome to ears, tail and furrr... the penultimate experience in neko and furry health, beauty and fitness..."

I am obviously late to virtual worlds. Would someone please clue me in as to why many people don't capitalize their first name, or many other names, for that matter?

Alpha's notecard continues: "While these facilities have been designed primarily with nekos and furries in mind, avatars of all species, persuasions and proclivities are more than welcome... (Obviously, but thought I'd make it clear anyway... hhh)"

When you see Alpha write "hhh" she means it as the sound that you make when you giggle. But I digress. At least we non-furry/nekos are not officially excluded! I suppose we simply aren't on the VIP list... sigh.

I should point out that Alpha doesn't hesitate to integrate and mod the work of others and weave it - sometimes literally - with her own throughout her Syncretia sim. She also writes some of the best notecards on the grid to accompany her creations.

Alpha's notecard: "We provide an extensive gym (we are still working on the personal trainer, but hey - Rome was not built in a day either you know!)..."

Few gym's could out-do this club's offerings in the way of equipment

Notecard: "...a luxurious pool/Jacuzzi as well as ear, tail and paw polishers designed for huge, tall, medium, short and tiny avatars. Copies of the ever popular Syncretia Rejuvenation Sphere (SRS) have been situated here as well, directly below the ceiling, for your convenience..."

She's also added a magnificent tree by Seph DaSilva and then interlaced its branches with "tree crawlers" by Max Hatfield

Notecard: "Beyond these, a laboratory has been set up on the premises themselves to produce the finest in facial care products. Please remember to take with you your complimentary bottle of "Fade-a-Wart" serum, placed at the outside corner of the laboratory table..."

There are dozens of items that would suit even the most demanding alchemist, including vials and beakers by Storm Thunders and Macklin Deckard

Notecard: "This gym is powered by the healing waters of the Citrinitas/Cappadocia alchemical power plant, which purifies water gathered from the natural springs of the Syncretia Black Mountains."

Notecard: Please do not hesitate to take advantage of our Jacuzzi pool by thinking that the water therein is in any way unsanitary due to its somewhat unseemly resemblance to pee. The yellow color is due entirely to the gold derived from the alchemical process that the water has undergone above ground and in no way contains avatar refuse."

The notecard continues: The fish inside the pool should also not irk you in that they will cure your skin of all blemishes by eating them up. And this last bit is the only piece of truth divulged here, btw. They really do have these kinds of fish in a lake in Eastern Turkey. (And before you ask; yes, I did use to be in advertising! --- hhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Did I mention that Alpha (aka Elif Ayiter) lives in Istanbul? It's no secret that I think the world of her, her creations and especially of the way she thinks. Since Monday of this week, it has been my distinct pleasure to add her to the masthead of this blog, as my co-blogger.

I just have to share one more new area at Syncretia with you, a burial chamber just beyond the Spa that is worthy of the tomb of Tutankhamun. She wrote about it on her blog, and I cannot possibly encourage you enough to go there and read what she had to say.

Alpha modified dead whale bones and scarabs by Grendel's Children's Ryan Snook and then assembled them with her signature veiled, alpha style in this incredible chamber.


Alpha Auer said...

hhhh indeed...

The hidden agenda here was that maybe I could lure my own family members to exercise and take the occasional bath?!?...

There is going to be major addition here: The back left corner will be taken up by a snout, ear, tail and paw polisher. A huge, complicated machine that will reposition its relevant parts according to the avatar's size and then kick into operation, with some further concealed (and nasty little) surprises along the way. Needless to say, this needs to be a heavily scripted object which one of my computer engineering students (himself a furry, I should add) has promised to code for me. Well, we have had the summer break here and he has obviously decided that the pleasures of the southern Aegis are much to be preferred to sweating it out in Istanbul scripting away for the nasty old ogre, aka. moi. I will be getting on his case as soon as I have a moment and getting this thing up to speed.

Oh and, same goes for the Fade-a-Wart serum. That too needs to be scripted...

And that impostor photo of yours? There wouldn't be a large size available by any chance would there? I want to put it on my desktop over here. I have been LOL'ing (which, as you know, I do not do all that often) ever since I saw that!

Alpha Auer said...

Forgot to answer your question didn't I? why isn't "ear, tails & furr" capitalized?

It all has to do with me showing off my odious little graphic design skills: All lowercase text usually makes for better looking typography in that you do not end up having the bulky upward protrusions that uppercase letters tend to give you. Another reason is that I have an "f" here in the word "furry". And, in my estimation, the lowercase italic "f" is just about the most beautiful shape invented by humanity. So, I sort of designed the whole logo around that. Hence all lowercase...

But other than that, I too, have wondered about this thing with the names. I will ask wolfie, whose full name is wolfgeng Hienrichs, lowercase first name. See what he says - which, in all likelihood, will turn out to be something along the lines of ooops, he made a little typo... hhh...

Alpha Auer said...

... and all my little efforts in trying to get those couch potatoes to break out a bit of a righteous sweat? And to maybe wash off that BO a bit? Have they had any result whatsoever? Of course not!

Except for Xia: She is in there day and night! What else?

As for Hack, wolfie and MosMax? Haven't seen hide nor hair of them in there - except of course, to plant the odd bomb every then and again...

Bettina Tizzy said...

Ah... I thought maybe the lack of capitalization had to do with that mysterious virtual worlds thing and lower case first names. I am still hoping I'll learn about that.

I think we can safely say that this is the only pic you'll ever see of me as a neko. :D Have your fun with it, and paint a moustache on it, too, if you like.

There's obviously so much more that's new at Syncretia, but it wouldn't do to cover it all at once. Let's just say that I'm proud to be associated with you.