Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lumiere Noir's personal tour of Planet Mongo - It's the next stop on the Koinup-NPIRL Safari

Combine Antoni Gaudí and Paulo Portoghesi's architectural styles with a handful of The Jetsons' flair and a sprinkle of kitch, and voila! You have Planet Mongo, the one-of-a-kind, always changing, fantastical Flash Gordon-inspired sim created by the master of building himself... Lumiere Noir.

"Howdy, howdy!"
This Saturday, October 18 at 11:30am SLT, and waiting on the other side of your teleport (Planet Mongo slurl) will be Lumiere Noir (aka Vince Frost; rez 12/24/2003), there to give you a personal tour of one of the most photogenic sims on the grid: Planet Mongo.

Among many other things, he is the creator of the Ivory Tower of Prims where most everyone has learned to build, and also many of the most imaginative and fanciful vehicles in Second Life®.

The event will be the second in a series as part of the Not Possible IRL and Impossible IRL groups' partnership with Koinup - an inclusive social networking site for all Virtual Worlds that permits storage and sharing of imagery: photography, Machinima, and "storyboards." Among the Virtual Worlds you'll find images of on Koinup: Second Life®, World of Warcraft, Lively, The Sims, IMVU, vSide, Kaneva, There, and more.

Planet Mongo has its own page on Koinup, which you will find here.

Once a month, NPIRL and Koinup are offering tours - the NPIRL Safaris - with many of Second Life's best content creators, exposing the participants to new sims, new content, and new ideas that are leaving the old world behind and breaching the future. See you there!

The Not Possible IRL (NPIRL) and Impossible IRL (ImpIRL) groups are dedicated to identifying and sharing well conceived and realized content creation in Virtual Worlds which would not be possible in Real Life: architecture, landscaping, art, animations, fashion, particle effects, building tools and scripts... show me, I'll show you.


Lumiere Noir said...

I'd like to thank Bettina and Koinup and all who attended. I hope you had a good time, I know I did!!! Thank you!

Bettina Tizzy said...

Lumi - Any opportunity to hang with you feels decadent, cause it is always more fun than we should be allowed. Thank you for the colorful, friendly, and very informative Safari. You are going to be one tough act to follow!