Monday, October 6, 2008

Virtual fashions: recycle and reuse that scrap metal in times of economic and environmental woes

With the global economy (and my own) getting slammed every which way, most of my near-future fashion pleasures will likely be derived from the works of virtual designers because, among other things, I'll be spending more time in-world and not going out in Real Life as much, pixelated clothes don't suffer from wear and tear, and I can generally mod them if I grow weary of them. But the #1 reason, for me, is that I love, love, love the new directions that several designers are taking in Second Life®.

One such designer is German cutea Benelli (rez 3/10/2007) who's Grim Bros shop delighted surreal artist and humorist four Yip so much that she thought to share her find.

cutea's brainy collection - she calls it "cyberpunk thingies" - couldn't come at a better time. We must recycle and reuse every scrap...


These days we aren't just recipients of information anymore. We are the information, and we must be plugged in.

synapses enhancer

information overload - cyan

Be sure to check out her many backpacks and accoutrements for the avatar who's in a special mood...

neuromechanical activator

Notably, cutea was also blotto epsilon's co-creator for the recent zany bogon flux build - a wonky, wonderful building that rezzes and destroys itself...

...and is also the co-creator - together with Giuseppe Spicoli - of the fun 15 Second Poetry Generator (teleport directly from here). When you play it, keep in mind that there are values assigned to the phrases and you lose points for collecting the clichés.

Teleport to Grim Bros. directly from here.

Max Newbold (aka Beth Harris) of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and I are still looking for more designers of quality NPIRL fashions.