Friday, June 19, 2009

evets Igaly - R.I.P.

We received some sad news via Earth Primbee, co-owner and creator of Inspire Park. He just learned that his virtual friend, Second Life® resident evets Igaly (rez: 4/12/2007) died of a heart attack a few days ago.

evets loved to create particle shows. "His performance to the music was right on. Dancing to the music with ethereal lights he drew us deeper into the sounds. He didn't make all his particles, but he used all of them so well," said Earth.

In tribute, Earth created this video and wrote:

This beloved man, friend and artist was one of the stars of an online music and visual event. His work was as dear to us as he was and I dedicate this video to his time on the surface of Planet Earth.

The beautiful song in this video is "Butterflies and Fairytales" by Galaxy Girl. She graciously granted permission for me to include it with this work.

To me, the combination captures the spirit of evets's love for his art, his friends, and our love for him. Many of us only knew him through Second Life, but that was enough to know his soul.

Earth created a dedicated Flickr group for friends to add all photos related to evets.