Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Flora of the Rain Forest and Jedda Zenovka

Posted by Alpha Auer

"Welcome to Wild Designs... (says Jedda Zenovka) Home of unique and funky Organic designs....

You can take the girl out of the jungle...
But you cant take the jungle out of the girl!
Rainbow Obsidian
A usually dark outer appearance contrasted by a soul filled with burning light
Jaguars dont need self help books!

... Live light free and happy

And have a wonderful day!"

Initially introduced to me by Truthseeker Young, Jedda Zenovka is a regular visitor at Syncretia. During the year or so that I have been Jedda's friend I have come to care a great deal for this lovely, sensitive, talented lady with a huge flair for converting the flora of her home land, the Australian Rain Forest, into formal investigations of botanical shapes, using a virtual 3D building environment and terrain to achieve some remarkable translations/transformations from the organic to the synthetic.

Her flowers and mushrooms have been used to create the virtual garden at Happy Clam Island and I urge you to go and check out this shimmering, glowing virtual space by teleporting from here.


A complex underwater garden in which Jedda Zenovka weaves together a multitude of shapes and colors to great effect can be seen at Terravia Island. Teleport from here.


You can teleport to Jedda Zenovka's Wild Designs from here, and also here.


André L said...

Cool, the place looks just a dream. Teleporting asap. Thanks for sharing.

sororNishi said...

mmmm hmmm I love Jedda's stuff...I am a big fan. We need more real plants in SL... photo-plants just don't do it...:))

Bettina Tizzy said...

Lovely to see my neighbor Happy Clam take on such an exotic, tropical look. As exciting as the venue is, what happens there is also delightful. Friday nights I am often there taking in the goa/psy tunes spinned by Happy Clam owner and Mad Celt Goa King thomtrance O'Toole, Qee Nichi and Alexi Ayres.

Happy Clam also observes each Equinox and Solstice with a massive festival, gathering in a rite of renewal to life to burn the Wicker Man and dance.

It is certainly one of my happy places on the grid and now with Jedda's forest, it is happier still.

While there, be sure to take in the centerpiece on the island, Steff Ling's tree!

Unknown said...

Am I the only one who notices that Miss Auer is running arouond NUDE in the rain forest?

JEDDAZEN said...

LOL Lauren its how we do things where i come from :P

Alpha Auer said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear... I wasn't nude! I was wearing my beige leotard!