Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, NPIRL!

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

This Saturday, July 4th, after hundreds and hundreds of in-world notices, 700 blogposts (this is the 701st), and thousands of happy hours celebrating great content that would not be possible in Real Life, we will mark the passing of our second year in the metaverse.

If you consider that each human day is the equivalent of 8 days in Second Life® and OpenSim, that would make NPIRL 16 years old. So either we are entering our terrible twos or we are sweet 16.

This photo by Sugarbloom Cupcakes

So here's a great big thank you to all the passionate and dedicated members of the incredible Not Possible IRL and Impossible IRL groups who made all this... err... possible! We couldn't have done it without you.


Mike said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you !

(yey first comment)

Thanks for all the magnificent places and works NPIRL makes available... truly a feast for (some of) the senses.

Nahasa Singh
(born July 3, 2007 btw XD)

jay2 said...

well done! many happy returns

Lauren said...

Bettina without you and all those in NPIRL my SecondLife would have been more like a second in time.

sororNishi said...

NPIRL may well be the best thing in SL.
Without it I might be lead to believe that everyone In-World was "reality" obsessed.
Instead I draw strength knowing there are many of us trying to break down archaic cultural stereotypes in this new world.

thanks Bettina and congrats.

Mab MacMoragh said...

yay! happy birthday npirl!

bark Aabye said...

Graet 2 years~~
Love NPIRL:-)))

Elif Ayiter said...

Well done Bettina!
*stands up and applauds!*

Nebulosus said...

Congratulations! Glad NPIRL is still going strong. :)

Anonymous said...

I was blessed with finding NPIRL the first week I joined SL, and I can honestly say without it I would have never stuck around , believing it was only a land of prim hair and virtual strip clubs, ad farms and ugly sims selling junk. With NPIRL I have always had my map, my guide to everything beautiful and jaw-dropping and inspiring and funny and COOL about SL. NPIRL has shown me my favourite sims, introduced me to my favourite people, acted as a clearinghouse to the VERY BEST of SL. Not to mention its curator, Bettina Tizzy. What you and the bloggers of NPIRL do, is so important to SL, and it is such an honour to be part of this group and to know that you are out there providing the service of showcasing everything truly great about Second Life. I know that a lot of us would miss so much of what is out there if you were not here telling us. And Bettina you are such a dear soul, you really are, and you have helped me and inspired me and been there for me countless times, You are endlessly helpful and considerate and it's so rare to meet someone and you KNOW that is your "emergency contact person".. That is you Bette. If I need help or advice or an opinion or just a shoulder you have been there, and I'm so lucky to have met you. You and NPIRL make my SL magic. I can't imagine SL without you. Thank you and congratulations! You know you can never stop doing this, right?

Gattina Dumpling

Bettina Tizzy said...

This has a been a huge joint effort. I congratulate all of you back. Just look at who has commented here! You have all contributed in no small way. And there is NO REASON on earth why we shouldn't grow to ten times our size in just a few months, don't you think? More people thinking this way... more great content!

Gattina, of course I am there for you. But you have reciprocated in every way imaginable. I'm moved beyond words by what you had to say. Thank you.