Monday, June 22, 2009

Mescaline Tammas' sunglasses for Second Life

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

I've been shouting from the roof tops in Second Life® for at least a month now about Mescaline Tammas' set of delicate, dusty and seriously elegant Windlight presets. If you enjoy photography or just wandering around in a haze of beauty, these are a must. I was astonished just now to discover that his post on Flickr (with links and instructions to download and install them) has only had 783 views.

Ah well. I guess I'll have to keep one of Second Life's best secrets to myself.

Windlight makes it possible for you to adjust and customize sky, water and atmospheric lighting effects in-world, so while the person next to you may be seeing everything from a nighttime lens, you can be enjoying your world in the comfy haze of London's dawn, or within a dusty Western patina.

Oh, I know this has nothing to do with Second Life, but just look at this animated film clip Mescaline created. Talent, eh?


Unknown said...

WOOO! YEAH! black smoke monster! I loved you in "Lost" ! Rockon !

Unknown said...

I love seeing birds do this in real life. Lovely :-)

Monerda said...

ooh I thought they were a school of fish. In any case beautiful!

Hi Bettina!

Alpha Auer said...

I have downloaded them and I am using them 7/24!!!

Wowzers! How could I possibly have missed these? Me, the queen of "avoid sunlight at all costs", the proud owner of some 50+ sunglasses in RL?